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Pari and the Ghost Whisperer

A Downtown Divas Romance

by Dianna Dann

Psychologist Pari Logan does not believe in ghosts. When Ghost Whisperer Sam Preston shows up claiming her office is haunted by the famous ghost of Downtown Strawbridge, she wants nothing to do with him or his ghost-hunting nonsense. But all of Downtown Strawbridge is caught up in ghost hysteria. Worse, her friend Melissa Stathem has a ghost story of her own and isn’t happy to be teased about it. Before she can say, “Boo!” Pari finds herself drawn into Melissa’s challenge to the Downtown Divas: Attend all the Ghost Whisperer’s events and if they still don’t believe in ghosts by Halloween, she’ll stop pestering them.

Being thrown constantly into the path of the Ghost Whisperer who, for some reason, she keeps kissing, is the last thing Pari needs. No, what she needs is a man who is her type: professional, serious, and rational. A man like gorgeous Eric Lawson.

Who will win Pari’s logical heart? The perfect guy? Or the one she caught on his hands and knees peering under her office door looking for a ghost?

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Story Runners: Awakening

by Dana Trantham

A world shattered into a million pieces. One young man with the will to put it back together and the power to destroy it all. With his father facing death at the hands of the power-hungry Oron Wolff, and his mother in hiding, Zander Joran lives sequestered on earth—the fate of many young story runners. Their memories have been erased; their heritage is unknown to them. Their true names are forbidden. When Alex discovers the passage in the woods behind his uncle’s house, he is swept from his home in Sawgrass Lakes to another world—a world whose inhabitants believe him to a hero, one who can help them fight the heirs of Shadyn who keep them enslaved. But Alex discovers he is more than a mere hero. He is part of a fragmented world, member of an elite ancestry who can run from fragment to fragment, and one of the rare few who can carry magic. Alex must choose between returning home to safety—hiding as his parents would wish—and retaking his name, his heritage, and his destiny.

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